ALFA WOOD GROUP - Pellet & Briquette Industry develops an extensive network of dealers and distributors, so that consumers can have easier access.

Consumers can also choose their supplier according to the selling price of the product and according to the transport and handling services offered to them.

Our goal is to create a distribution center that guarantees the excellent handling and storage of Pellet and Briquette, which provide high quality services to consumers, thus having the infrastructure to store sufficient quantities so that the product is immediately available in high demand seasons.

Having such a wide distributor network, gives us the ability to bring the product faster to the final consumer.


Pellets are available

  •  in plastic bags of 15Kgr. stacked per 72 in pallets (pallet weight 72x15Kgr. = 1080Kgr.)

    • Pallet dimensions LxW: 0.95 x 1.20m Y: 1.55m

  • in Big Bags of 900-1000Kgr


The briquettes are available

  • in plastic packages 10Kgr (5pcs / Packaging). stacked per 104 in pallets (pallet weight 104x10Kgr. = 1040Kgr.)
    • Pallet dimensions LxW: 1.00 x 1.20m Y: 1.24m

Our goal is to have representatives in specific areas, who can support the needs of consumers directly and in the best way, having facilities and vehicles that ensure adequate and safe storage and transport.



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Contact Details

  • 7th Klm K. Nevrokopi - Exochi - Drama Greece
  • T: +30 2523 300307
    F: +30 2410 831590
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